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Singapore & Christmas 2009

My super late post! I went to Singapore last year with my buddies (Wei Chong, Soon Tak, Engchi, Si Yun, Jackie, Pui Yee) to celebrate Christmas there. I can’t really remember the details of the things that we did there, but here is roughly what I remember:

Day 1:
Morning: Departs from Mines (Seri Kembangan) at 10am.
Noon: Reach Harbor Front, Singapore around 3pm. After that, went to Kay Wey’s house with Foong Yeng to put our stuff.
Evening/Night: Went out for dinner. Met with Pick Wan and had steamboat buffet for dinner.

Day 2:
Morning: Breakfast at one of the MRT station before going to Bugis Street.
Noon: Reach Bugis Street. Budget shopping for the ladies and also for one particular guy. *cough*WC*cough* Lunch at some Thai restaurant.
Evening: Merlion. Rain while taking the picture! >_<
Night: Orchard Road. Spent most of the time cam-whoring. Damn tire that time coz walked a lot that day.

Day 3:
Morning: Breakfast at Chinatown aka Niu Che Shui. The girls went for more shopping while me and Soon Tak just walk around.
Noon: Vivocity. The girls spent more than 2hours in the Esprit shop!
Evening: Back to Malaysia.

Chinese New Year 2010

A bit late, but just want to note down things that I did this year’s CNY:

Eve of CNY: Family reunion dinner.

Day 1 of CNY: Visit Neoh’s house in the afternoon. Watch people play cards.

Day 2 of CNY: Visit Choon Hoong’s house in the afternoon. Play a bit of cards.

Day 3 of CNY: Reunion dinner with friends in the afternoon. After that, visit Huey Wuen’s house. Watch and play cards. Night went to Jackie’s place and fix her bro’s computer. But didn’t manage to fix it. :/

Day 4 of CNY: Noon went to Wei Chong’s house. Only few “kittens” there and stayed there only for a short while.

Day 5 of CNY: Night visit Engchi’s house.

Rest of CNY: Spend time with family!

Daicon 2009

Picture 701 (Medium)Last Sunday (12th July 2009) I went to Daicon that held at MMU Cyberjaya. Daicon is a two days anime/manga event, but I missed the first day because of a company outing (will talk about that in later post)

I went there around 11am+, just when the Karaoke event started. Not much people in the hall when I arrived there. Maybe because there are not much activity during that time. I also met some online friends there. Chatted a little with them then I went and roam around the hall. There are maid cafe, figure display booth, doujin booths and some booths by the sponsor (some not related to anime/manga). I manage to take some photos of the cosplayer, and this is probably my first time seeing this many of cosplayer! (Yea, I think this is my first anime convention)

Picture 695 (Medium)Nothing much to do after taking some photos and lepak around. Most of them are probably waiting for the Chihara Minori mini concert. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy the ticket to watch the concert. :cry: I left the con at around 1pm. Hope that I will attend more event like this in the future! :D

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