Hiking @ Batu Berangkai

I went for hiking last Sunday. I still cant believe that I actually did it. This is because I never thought of hiking. Well, it is my mom that insisted me to hike with her @_@. But I never regretted it because it is such a wonderful experience!

Me at the Batu Berangkai Waterfall

The place that I went for hiking is actually famous for it waterfall. It is located near Taman Ros (?). The waterfall is located at the upper part of the hill. The journey from the bottom of the hill to the waterfall is about 30 minutes by foot. Along the way to the waterfall, you can see the orang asli settlement. Half way through the waterfall, the road will become narrower and bumpy. So, I highly suggest anyone that planning to go to the waterfall not to take their car with them. ^_^; You can park it at the bottom of the hill.

Anyways, manage to take some pic of the waterfall. Tried some ‘experiment’ for waterfall photography. Hehehe…

Batu Berangkai Waterfall

This is the best pic that I get. I’ve used a longer exposure time to create that ‘blurry’ water effect. Took me a few times to get that effect. ^_^; I still need to learn a few more trick to get it right. (I’m still not satisfy with it)

This hiking is quite a adventure for me. Would probably go back again if I have time (and not lazy xD)

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