New Host

It has been a long time since my last post. Recently I just moved to a new hosting provider and I’m in progress of migrating my existing site to the new host. So far, everything looks good. It is weird looking back at my old posts!

AEON Discount Sticker Colour Guide

If you’ve been to AEON Mall Malaysia (or formerly known as JUSCO), then you probably see the stickers that they stick to the price tag. These stickers actually indicates the discount given for that particular item. But sometime it is difficult to know the discount percentage if you don’t have the discount colour guide. Below … Read more

Reintroduction of RON92

The Malaysia government just increased the price of the petrol by 20 sen recently. Of course this will bring a lot negative reaction from the rakyat. So, one of the minister proposed that the RON92 to be reintroduced again. I guess we are the only country that downgrade our petrol instead of upgrading it… Last … Read more

The Humble Origin Bundle

The Humble Bundle for Origin is on! Can’t believe that EA actually doing charity now. I must say there are few games in the bundle that I’ve been eyeing on for some time (e.g. Dead Space, Burnout and Mirror Edge) The only game that I already owned is Crysis 2. This bundle is definitely a … Read more

WKS Spied by Hexacopter

According to this new article, WKS got spied by a hexacopter. I find hard to believe that anyone that want to spy on him. More probable reason is that someone from their neighborhood was playing with the copter and lost it. Hope he will return the copter to the owner soon.

Meet Fresh

Manage to try Meet Fresh at 1U! Very hard to find one since they don’t have much branches. Taste wise, I feel that Snowflake is better (the soya ice series).

Keep It Clean

I shower twice a day… before going work and after work (but not before bed). I shower in the morning because I feel fresher before I start the day. As for after work, I usually take my shower after dinner.