Delayed Train

Two weeks ago I took the train to go back to my hometown coz that Friday is a public holiday (Labour Day). But damn, the train that I took was delayed for more than 1 hour! The train that I took was the Ekspress Rakyat at 2.20pm, but due to some unknown reason, they announced that the train will be delayed till 2.45pm. Ok la… half hour I still can tahan.

People waiting at KL Sentral

So, after half hour, they finally annouced that the train had arrived! Yay!…? By that time, the waiting area already got many people waiting… you can see from the pic above.

Going down to the platformTons of ppl rushing down to the platform after they announced that the train is here.

Blackout in the trainNow, this is the worst part. When I reached the platform, I saw that inside that train it is completely dark! I had a very bad feeling that time coz last time I rode a train, the train dont have aircon! So, I go to my coach and see whether that one got light or not. But it also dark. When I went inside, it was like a sauna room! I don’t know how the hell the people inside the coach can sit there and wait. After that I just come out from the train and wait outside. Cant remember how long I waited, but after a while, the train got the light back and I went inside. They manage to get the aircond working! 😀 Buuuut… the train was not moving. Dont know what was the problem… then light and aircon went off again! o_O Seriously, wtf is wrong with KTMB?!?! So, I went out again to get some ‘fresh’ air.

The locomotiveSince I got nothing to do, I just walk around and took some random pic. The pic above is the locomotive. There is another one at the end of the train, and I think that is the one that causing the problem.

Moving train

Finally, at around 4, they manage to get the train running again. Luckily, the train is moving this time. They was playing the “The Terminal” movie in the train. But no sound though. 🙁

Train arrived at KamparTrain arrived at Kampar

After 2hours, I finally arrived at Kampar! It was faster than usual coz it got less stops.

Train departing from the Kampar stationMy advice for those who planning to take train in the future, avoid taking the Ekspress train! Take the KL-Ipoh shuttle train if you want coz that train got less problem and is cheaper too!

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