Singapore & Christmas 2009

My super late post! I went to Singapore last year with my buddies (Wei Chong, Soon Tak, Engchi, Si Yun, Jackie, Pui Yee) to celebrate Christmas there. I can’t really remember the details of the things that we did there, but here is roughly what I remember:

Day 1:
Morning: Departs from Mines (Seri Kembangan) at 10am.
Noon: Reach Harbor Front, Singapore around 3pm. After that, went to Kay Wey’s house with Foong Yeng to put our stuff.
Evening/Night: Went out for dinner. Met with Pick Wan and had steamboat buffet for dinner.

Day 2:
Morning: Breakfast at one of the MRT station before going to Bugis Street.
Noon: Reach Bugis Street. Budget shopping for the ladies and also for one particular guy. *cough*WC*cough* Lunch at some Thai restaurant.
Evening: Merlion. Rain while taking the picture! >_<
Night: Orchard Road. Spent most of the time cam-whoring. Damn tire that time coz walked a lot that day.

Day 3:
Morning: Breakfast at Chinatown aka Niu Che Shui. The girls went for more shopping while me and Soon Tak just walk around.
Noon: Vivocity. The girls spent more than 2hours in the Esprit shop!
Evening: Back to Malaysia.

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