Myself; Yourself – 13 (Final)

Episode 13 is the final episode of Myself; Yourself. In this episode, they explained the person that set fire on Nanaka’s house. The guy who did it is Nanaka’s father! But, they are actually not blood related! Her actual father is the violin teacher. The violin teacher is her father and mother’s friend. And basically … Read more

Myself; Yourself – 12

Not story much this episode. The beginning of the episode is about Sana and friends are sad because Shuuri and Shuusuke left them so suddenly. In the middle of the episode, Sana and Nanaka went to the riverside to have picnic together. (After ffk’ed by Aoi) In the end, Nanaka start to remember what happened … Read more

Myself; Yourself – 11

For those who are rooting for SanaxHoshino, I think you can stop rooting. :p This is because Hoshino is actually a lesbian and she like Shuuri!!! Shuuri rejected Hoshino’s confession This is really not something that I expected. Not only that, she also the one that sends the letter that I mentioned in previous post! … Read more

Myself; Yourself – 10

Nice cleavage Finally, some drama in Myself; Yourself! (MSYS) This episode is mainly focus on Shuusuke and Shuuri. I personally don’t like Shuusuke, so I hope that the twincest between him and Shuuri won’t happen. In the beginning of the episode, it shows that Shuuri and Shuusuke’s stepmother is having an affair with another man. … Read more