Myself; Yourself – 11

For those who are rooting for SanaxHoshino, I think you can stop rooting. :p This is because Hoshino is actually a lesbian and she like Shuuri!!!

Shuuri rejected Hoshino’s confession

This is really not something that I expected. Not only that, she also the one that sends the letter that I mentioned in previous post!

Hoshino in crazy mode

Not much story this week either. The first half focuses on Hoshino confessing all the stuff that she did to Sana while the second half is about Shuuri and Shuusuke running away.

A special thing about this episode is that the eyecatch is a bit different from usual…

This episode’s eyecatch with sad BGM

Not much line for Nanaka this week also ;_; But next week is going to be Nanaka epi! 😀

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