Myself; Yourself – 10

Nice cleavage

Finally, some drama in Myself; Yourself! (MSYS) This episode is mainly focus on Shuusuke and Shuuri. I personally don’t like Shuusuke, so I hope that the twincest between him and Shuuri won’t happen.

In the beginning of the episode, it shows that Shuuri and Shuusuke’s stepmother is having an affair with another man.

Hahaha… he deserves it! :p

After that, they show Shuuri and Shuusuke visiting their mother’s grave because it is the anniversary of their mother death. So they go on with the lovey-dovey moment between Shuuri and Shuusuke. -_- I’m sure that people that don’t know them will think that they are couple.

Next, an anonymous sent a letter to the school and said that both Shuuri and Shuusuke went to a love hotel. Of course the principal and vice principal are pissed about that. But I think they are quite dumb! Shuuri and Shuusuke denied the accusation but they insist that Shuuri and Shuusuke are having an affair as stated in the letter. And they also told Shuuri and Shuusuke to provide proof that they are innocent. How can the principal trust an anonymous letter more than their student! Moreover, the letter can’t provide proof either! Damn stupid!

Dumb and Dumberer

As I predicted, the old woman killed the bird and the cat! The reason is because of a legend that said the twin sakura tree will grant any wish if both trees bloom. She wished that her granddaughter who died in an accident to be resurrected. But the sakura trees never bloom together, so her wish never been granted. She thinks that she needs a sacrifice to make the tree to bloom. So she sacrificed the bird and the cat. But she thinks that it is not enough, so she wants to sacrifice Shuuri too!

Old woman in crazy mode

Fortunately for Shuuri, Hoshino saved her. But Hoshino get stabbed by the old woman.

Hoshino stabbed by the crazy old woman. Black blood flowing out from there wound.

Even Sana goes WTF with the black blood!

Seriously, what the f*** with the black blood! The Japanese censorship is damn stupid. -_- Hope that next week will be as interesting as this week. 😀 (No more stupid filler please!)

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