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Sucky Connection

Damn streamyx. I’m having some major slow down, timeout,etc while visiting some of the international site. One of them is Gmail! I’m very frustrated right now because it keep giving me timeout and I can’t check my mail D: TMnut better solve this problem asap.

Fedora Core 4

Just installed Fedora Core 4 in my pc ;) Having some minor problem installing it. Don’t know why it wont install if I have another extra partition in my drive. :( By default, nothing much is installed if compared to Ubuntu. Ubuntu is more suitable for personal use, I guess. And the installation is not that easy either (mainly is the partition part)

WordPress 2.0 Release Candidate

The next release of WordPress is drawing near. Please help us shake out any last remaining bugs by downloading and testing the 2.0 Release Candidate. If all goes well, the Release Candidate will become 2.0 final. We’re almost there. Download, test, and head over to the Beta Forum to let us know if the Release Candidate is ready for prime time.

  • Download Zip
  • Download Rar
  • Cant wait for the final version! :D