I want a new GPU!!!

Ok, my Geforce 4 440MX just plain sux. First, it doesnt support pixel shader support. Which mean, I can’t play games like Black & White 2 and Silent Hill4(or is it 3?)! And the worst part is that my card is giving me some problem when playing game like warhammer 40k winter assault, need for speed underground, age of empire 3, etc… I think I’ll need to change the card ASAP.

Currently, there are several cards that I’m eyeing on:
ATI Radeon 9550 XT (with DDR2)
Geforce 6200
Geforce 6600
ATI Radeon X700
(all AGP)

9550XT is the cheapest, but the technology that it using is quite old. No SM3 support. 6200 is with SM3, but lack of some feature that 6600 have. Both 6600 and x700 have 8pipelines but priced at around RM400-RM600.

I still cant decide which one. 9550XT is the one within my budget while 6600 is future proof (at least better than 9550XT)

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