Partition Gone?!?!

Ok, this is really freaked me out. My winter assault just finised, so I decided to mount it. (to install) Since I uninstalled daemon tool last time (to upgrade daemon tool to version 4) I need to reinstall it. But after I install it, I didnt check the drive! >_< Daemon tool replace two of my partitions with the virtual drives! O_O I was like, "OMFG! WTF IS HAPPENING!!!". But of coz, I'm calm. ^_^ I tried to recover the partition from disk management, but no avail. So, as usualy, there is Internet! I quickly search for data recovery tool to recover the lost partition. And I found PTDD Partition Table Doctor! Without wasting any time, I downloaded it. With the help of this program, I managed to recover both partition! Yay! Daemon tool sux for deleting my partition and great work for Parition Table Doctor! 😛

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