phpBB – Dying?

It’s been 2 years since phpBB have any major upgrade. For this whole 2 years, they only do some minor bugs fixes.

Seriously, as an open source script (?) I think the development should be better since more people can get involved in coding the script. You see, phpBB is lagging way behind some other popular bulletin board system like Invision Board and vBulletin. These two BB can consider as new generation of BB. They have features like advance user control panel and thread search, which is a very basic function in current BB.

Don’t tell me that they won’t move to v3 unless they fix all the bugs in v2? kinda pointless, coz no one or less people gonna use v2 after v3 is out. better u release v3 NOW, and fix the bugs in v3, not v2.

Even though phpBB saying that they working on the new phpBB Olympus aka version 3.0, but I haven’t see any announcement/news other than the demo board at area51. The last update is like, 4 months ago. I wonder whether it will take another year before they can release the ver3…

Maybe this is the disadvantages of Open Source???

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