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Industrial Training – Completed!

I just completed my industrial training 2 weeks ago!I’m actually quite happy with the industrail training. At first, I’m kinda regret that I choose NTDC instead of other company. But after working in NTDC, I no longer regret it.I learn a lot about ASP.NET/C# and other stuff by Microsoft.  I have chance to work in a very good and relax environment. The only downside is that the company that I’m working for is kinda sucks. But I think that most company is like. Real working world is hard. T_T.

Anyways, I should be free by now, but I’m following a J2EE course offered by MDeC (free). The instructor of the course is sucks. I hope he can do some homework before coming to the class. Everytime he tries to demo the code to us, the code just won’t work. WTH. <_> If I have time, I’ll write more on it later.

Stupid Boss

I’m damn pissed with my boss right. Why the fark he so strict about us! This morning I was browsing the fifa world cup for last night’s result and match and he saw me browsing. And he said to me, no browsing, no chatting during work. What the fark! No chatting still ok lar, but no browsing?!?! What the fark is wrong with him?!?! And for god’s sake, Instant Messenger IS important in work. This is how employee communicate among themselve. You cant expect them to walk around just to exchange information right? And since it is an IT company, I see nothing wrong with IM. And I don’t farking know why browsing the internet will affect my work. Guess that the employee of this damn company will die faster than anything.

Anyway, today I’m working on the email validation thing. Too bad that visual studio 2k5 dont have this built-in. If not, the workload will be reduced. I’m still looking for a way to solve this problem…hopefully I can find a solution by tomorrow.

Web registration

Currently I’m working on the registration thing for the system that I’m working on. It is quite easy to do the membership in ASP.NET 2.0 because all the things is built-in and is handled by ASP.NET 2.0 engine. This is something new that introduced in ver2 of ASP.NET.

Since this is the first time that I use Visual Studio 2005 to develop an application, it is quite hard for me. Even though it is easy for basic registration, but we need to add some custom fields that the user need to enter so that we can get some statistic from it. I googled and found a website of what I exactly need. Below is the link to the site: 

All we need to do is to create our own custom Profile. I’m still new in this, so I don’t really now how am I suppose to call it.

I’ll continue to work on this tomorrow…

Late for Work

The worst day of my training. Today my boss come quite early, around 9.30am. As usual, both of my colleague still havent come yet!!!! I think my boss is quite angry that time because he bring along his ‘domain expert’ here (which he usually say he cant afford to waste the domain expert’s time) We waited for about half hour before the two of them arrive -_- As expected, the boss gave us some ‘good lecture’ on this matter.

Just hope that this kind of things wont be happening again.