Industrial Training – Completed!

I just completed my industrial training 2 weeks ago!I’m actually quite happy with the industrail training. At first, I’m kinda regret that I choose NTDC instead of other company. But after working in NTDC, I no longer regret it.I learn a lot about ASP.NET/C# and other stuff by Microsoft.  I have chance to work in a very good and relax environment. The only downside is that the company that I’m working for is kinda sucks. But I think that most company is like. Real working world is hard. T_T.

Anyways, I should be free by now, but I’m following a J2EE course offered by MDeC (free). The instructor of the course is sucks. I hope he can do some homework before coming to the class. Everytime he tries to demo the code to us, the code just won’t work. WTH. <_> If I have time, I’ll write more on it later.

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