Bus ticket!

I went to Puduraya just now to buy my bus ticket to go back to my hometown. The timing is kinda bad, since the day I finish my J2EE course is the day before the long holiday (Deepavali and Hari Raya) So, I have no choice to buy it 2 weeks earlier. I go there by bus and train. I bought the RM7 ticket (sepadu) because it is cheaper that way. It took me about 2 hours to reach Puduraya from Cyberjaya. I manage to get a 1.30pm ticket, which is kinda good. But I have to take the bus at Jalan Duta. Hope that I can make it on time that day. I had my lunch at McDonald’s (KL Sentral). I ordered the Grilled Chicken set, since it is new. But I can’t really differentiate it with the normal chicken burger. And it cost me RM10. T_T. I didn’t any places after that and straight went home. Yet another normal weekend for me. ^_^;;

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