Stupid Boss

I’m damn pissed with my boss right. Why the fark he so strict about us! This morning I was browsing the fifa world cup for last night’s result and match and he saw me browsing. And he said to me, no browsing, no chatting during work. What the fark! No chatting still ok lar, but no browsing?!?! What the fark is wrong with him?!?! And for god’s sake, Instant Messenger IS important in work. This is how employee communicate among themselve. You cant expect them to walk around just to exchange information right? And since it is an IT company, I see nothing wrong with IM. And I don’t farking know why browsing the internet will affect my work. Guess that the employee of this damn company will die faster than anything.

Anyway, today I’m working on the email validation thing. Too bad that visual studio 2k5 dont have this built-in. If not, the workload will be reduced. I’m still looking for a way to solve this problem…hopefully I can find a solution by tomorrow.

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