Honey & Clover

Honey & Clover

Based on a manga by Chika Umino.

Takemoto Yuuta, Mayama Takumi and Morita Shinobu are three art school students, friends and flat-mates. Yuuta, the freshman, lives in terror of Morita, a very erratic sculptor.

Their routine is disrupted when their teacher, Hanamoto, introduces them to his cousin`s daughter, Hagumi Hanamoto. Even though she`s entered college, she looks like a middle school student. Yet despite her appearance, she`s a talented sculptor and painter with several gallery showings already in her portfolio. Naturally, all the men around her fall in love with her.

Yet another anime that I finish watching. I just finish rewatching the whole Gundam Seed series 2 weeks ago. ^_^;;

Well, initially Honey & Clover is not an anime that I look forward to. This is because it gave me the shoujo-type of feeling. I dont have good experience with shoujo-anime (like Ultra Maniac). After watching the first episode, I’m very suprised. This is not the shoujo anime that I usually watch! The reason why I watch this anime is because many people that watch it before say that it is good. And it also won some of the awards at AniDB. Out of curiosity, I downloaded it. Honey & Clover is way better than I expected.

First, the character design is simple. No extra large breast and stuff like that. Even though there is a loli-type of girl there. This anime is about the life and the relationship between the characters. It is quite light hearted. There are many funny moments that I enjoyed. Yet, the drama is also not bad. Well balanced between comedy and drama/romance. And the story/drama part is not that boring either. Unlike some romance anime, which can be extremely boring.
For the sound department, the OP is quite good and suprised me in the first episode. ^^; And the ending song is awesome. The OP is DRAMATIC by YUKI. The first ED is Waltz by Suneohair (good and recommended) and the second ED is MISTAKE by THE BAND HAS NO NAME. There are several insert songs for the whole anime. And I really like some of the insert songs. ^^

I think this maybe this is the longest post for anime that I ever posted. xD But seriously, this anime is damn good that I got hooked to it. Even it is ended, I dont have the hard-to-let-go type of feeling (like i do in other anime) Because the ending is quite open ended. Season 2 will start this July, and I’ll be waiting for it. Dont know whether I should I marathon or watch it on weekly basis. ^^

My rating: 9.5/10

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