Masterpiece of Shunya Yamashita: Rudy

Woohoo! I just received my first figurine last Monday! Ordered it at Play-Asia on 13th April, and I receive it on 21st April. I didn’t expect it to reach so fast! (I use the free shipping) Luckily it didn’t get taxed or blocked by the custom. 😀 Since this is my first figure, can’t comment much about. I’m still noob in it. ^^;; The only thing that I feel weird about the figure is the color of her chest, which slightly different from her body. :/ Other than that, I’m pretty satisfy with it. 😉

Oh ya, I bought it during PA’s weekly special, and it priced at USD19.90 (RM63~), which I think is pretty cheap! Currently PA is having their weekly special again, and this week they are offering Kosaka Tamaki. Still thinking whether I should get it or not since the price is quite tempting. (USD19.90 again!)

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