I’m baaack!!!

Woohoo! I finally can online after internet-less (at home) for a week! I just moved to a new house last week and there is not internet connection/phone line during that time. Luckily, I move in on Sunday, so I don’t have to spend entire day at home doing nothing. During week days, i only at home at night. So, I still can survive with some video. As for this weekend, my mom come and visit me. I spent both days with my mom and sis. And finally, the internet connection is available on Sunday! And Monday is a holiday for me. If the connection is still not here, I probably will die because of boredom!

But I still dont have table yet. Kinda hard for me to use my PC on the floor. Especially using the mouse. -_- The table should have come today, but the lazy delivery man didn’t come. Now I have to wait till this Saturday to get my table. D:<

Hopefully everything will settle down as soon as possible. Now still waiting for the fridge and the washing machine!

ps: internet speed here sux D:

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