liewcf dot com

the worst blog i ever visit. first of all, almost all the content of that site is Copy and Paste. Yes, almost without any original content by the author aka LiewCF. Well, I’m ok with CnP. But the biggest problem with the damn site is that it is full of farking ads!!!! At least 5 ads (excluding same ads by same advertising company) God….what we need is information! No ads! Most likely because he is a jobless guy.

Currently, Liew is a full time blogger, one of the very first few Malaysians who blog for living.

I lol’ed. If you are jobless, then say jobless la. What full time blogger. Blog for living some more. Even top malaysian blogger like kennysia and jeffooi need to work. This dude dont have any life, i think.

LiewCF phailed in life

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