Halo: Combat Evolved (PC)

Just finish playing Halo (PC) last week. Manage to beat the single player campaign within two days. Mainly because our streamyx had been cut off that time and I have nothing better to do. xD

The single player campaign is actually quite short. The story is not that deep either. And damn campaign is very dragging! The whole story is about you, get attacked by some alien. Fall into an unknown place that look like a ring. Ring is bad. Destroy ring. That’s it. Every time when you think you beat the game, a new mission will come out. The climax just won’t fucking stop! Making me quite tire with the game. For example, after you destroy some important thing, and you’ll be “fuh…finally….!” and “Oh no! New mission! Destroy new thing!” WTF!!! And one of the most annoying thing is that you need to go back to previous place, which kinda rare for FPS. Usually in FPS, there is only 1 route for you to follow so that you won’t get lost. But in halo, you need to do backtracking for most of the mission.
Basically, the game is fun to play. Many enemies for you to shoot and you also can use vehicle. But the single player campaign is quite dissapointing. I haven’t try the multiplayer yet, but I think it should be good. If you like unreal tornament, maybe you can give this a try.

My rating for halo: 7.5/10

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