Currently, I’m playing SimCity4. Ya, I know. This is an old game. Since there is no new game that interest me, (including Battle for Middle Earth 2) so I decided to take up an old game that I missed last time.

Basically, the gameplay of SC4 is quite similar to SimCity3000 (3k) The tutorial that sc4 offer is quite detail and will help you a lot during gameplay. It explain most of the important points that you need to do while playing the game. This is what 3k lack of. For me, I’m more into micro-management in SC4 than 3K. Most likely because I know how to earn money and stuff. The advisor in SC4 is not offering much as 3K. In 3K, the advisor will teach and tell you the stuff about zoning, etc…In SC4, they just tell you what you forgot to do (like increase the fund for school, hospital, etc…) and not how to expand the city. And because you focus more in making money than building the city, you don’t have much time look at how you city change. Which kinda less fun playing it.
That’s all from me for this review. I’ll give SC4 a 7.5/10.

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