Leo Ku & Miriam Yeung CNY Concert

Took me long enough to blog this. ^^;; Its been 2 weeks since the concert ended.

Well, I actually went to Leo Ku & Miriam Yeung’s CNY Concert 2 weeks ago (25 Feb 2006) The concert was held at Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil. I went to the concert with my friend and my sis. Actually, I’m not a big fan of both Leo Ku and Miriam Yeung. But since my sis like to go to the concert, and also my friends are going too, so I decided to go too. The ticket price is not that expensive either, since Hotlink Club member can get 30% off of the original ticket price. We bought the cheapest, RM80 (before discount) Kinda worth it, since you get to see 2 singers instead of one. 😛

Before going to the concert, I decided to go to my friend’s house first. He is studying at UPM, which is at Serdang. He also going to the concert too. After having our dinner, my friend took me to the stadium using his motorcycle. ^^;;

We arrive at the stadium at around 7.30pm-7.45pm. My sis (which staying at my relative’s house that time) is on the way. My 3 other friends are on their way too. Since we got nothing to do at that time, we decided to walk around. Nothing much there.

After all of us are arrived, we go into the stadium. Never thought that you cant actually bring in any mineral water bottle into the stadium. ^^;; (this is my first time going to a concert)

It still early when we went into the stadium. Not many people at that time. (about 20-30% full)

After waiting for 30minutes+ (past 8pm) the concert still havent start yet. Quite disapointed with it. Then, I saw my friend holding a CD. Which is a special CD for this concert. It only cost RM29.90 with 16 songs and a bonus VCD. Since it is quite cheap, my sis decided to buy it. We left the stadium (not exactly the stadium, just the are where we are sitting)  We saw a stand selling the CD along with Justin Lo’s album. Justin’s album is quite expensive, RM39.90 and the case is quite cheap. (DVD box) The CD that we bought come with a free poster. 😀

The concert begins at 9pm (1hour late!!!) It started with both of them (leo + miriam) duet. I’m too lazy to type entire story about the concert here, but you can read it here:


Some pic:

Leo Ku
Leo Ku
Miriam Yeung
Miriam Yeung

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