Punctured Tyre

Punctured tyre

My motor tyre was punctured few days ago (Thurs, 23 Apr) when I just finish working. I have to ride my bike all the way from Cyberjaya to my house at Seri Kembangan! (Around 10km) And that time is at night some more, 9pm-ish. I think this is the second time that I have a punctured tyre this year! I hate the road in Cyber! I changed the tube on Friday, but I feel that it is time for me to change the tyre coz I havent change the tyre before (lol, 6 years old tyre)

Changing the tyre

I went to the shop where I usually service my motor for service and also for changing the tyre. I chosed the ‘good’ and ‘bigger’ tyre since I don’t change tyre that often and ‘big’ tyre suppose to be ‘better’. The tyre is a FKR Epsilon HT200… local brand la. Fung Keong Rubber… hahaha… This is a universal tyre, so you can use for rear or front tyre. Since the tyre is bigger, I need to change the tube to a bigger tube too.

Old tyre and the tube

Fitting the new tyre to my bike

I also changed the engine oil. But it is a local brand also…Hi-Rev. Can’t find the oil that I use in the website. This shop sure like to recommend local stuff to me… maybe he is supporting the ‘Buatan Malaysia’ campaign. 😀

The engine oil that I use for my bike (MOS)

New tyre - FKR Epsilon HT200

Total damage: RM70. Tyre RM55, new tube (bigger) RM5 and engine oil RM10. I’m very broke now…

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