Busy busy busy

Been very busy lately due to my FYP and assignments. For my FYP, the system itself is almost done. Currently I’m doing the testing for the system. But there are too much documentation to do (such as test script, etc) And we still haven’t start to do the final report.

Other than my FYP, I’m really busy with assignments and midterms. For now, only one midterm left, which is BHM on next Friday (and I still haven’t study for it yet) For Software Quality’s assignment, I’m damn frustrated with one of my groupmate. She just doesn’t understand what the assignment want! Talking to her is almost useless and she acts like she is the leader of the group. Hopefully I can finish this in time. (need to submit next Wed)

I guess that I won’t be able to make any new post until I’m done with my work. (most probably in two or three weeks)

And btw, many new anime this season that are interesting. 😉

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