Interview for Satyam

There is a career fair at my university this week. I went there on Monday to check out some of the companies there. One of the company that I’m interested in is Satyam. I really the fact that they actually provide a training before assigning you to a job. But the company is an Indian based company, so most likely I’ll need to train in India if I’m accepted.

Back to today. Today I went¬† for the language and mathematical test for Satyam. I think the language test is quite hard if compared to Malaysia standard.¬† For the math test, most of the question is quite tricky and I forgot some of the formulas! >_< Anyways, I still manage to get it through to the second round, which is the interview. The interviewer is pretty friendly and I have no problem talking with him. He asked me some questions about my project during my internship. He also asked a lots of question about SQL. Most of the SQL questions are quite easy, but I forgot about it! >_<! One of the question is normalization. This is something that I know how it works, but explaining it in words is a bit hard for me. And I can’t remember the forms of normalization! (Mainly because I don’t normalize my database that much since most of the db are at 3rd normal form) And another question is about Candidate Key. This is such a simple question but I dont know how to answer! I also forgot to tell him that ‘Insert’ is one of the SQL command. (which is something I use pretty often) Really regret that I didn’t study before I go for the interview.

Hope that I can pass this interview. And I should better be prepare for interview next time.

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