I went for an interview yesterday. Actually, I didn’t apply for that company. But the night before the interview, a lady called me and said that I’ll be having an interview tomorrow. I’m quite suprised since I didn’t expect them to call me and said the interview is tomorrow. And I can’t hear the name of the company that I’m going for the interview. Luckily, my friend told me that he also receive similar call from the same person. The company is V****x. But I didn’t apply for this company!


Anyways, I went to the interview. Waited quite long since the first few person who went for interview took quite long before they came out. Basically, they ask me some IQ question, how to “sell” myself and some troubleshooting skill.

Still not sure whether I’ll pass the first interview or not… (heard that the pay is not bad! kekeke)

PS: I also went for the Dell’s walk-in interview last week. But too bad, they are only hiring people that available immediately. Damn paiseh that time. >.<

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