Chinese New Year 2007

I had a very busy CNY this year! I went back on Thursday since I got tons of stuff to do before CNY and I scare that they will be traffic jam if I go back on Friday or Saturday. Didn’t do much thing after I arrive at Kampar that day.

Wei Chong called me and asked me whether I want to go to Ipoh now. Since it is kinda rush, I don’t have much time to think about it and agreed to go with him. I went to Ipoh with Wei Chong, Jacky and Si Yun (Wei Chong driving). We went to Kinta City and bought the ticket for Ghost Rider. Meet with Wei Jie before the movie start. I had my haircut in the evening during that day.

Today is the eve of CNY. Have a reunion dinner with other family members/relatives at a restaurant.

First day of CNY. Relatives come and visit us in the morning. Had our lunch at a vegetarian restaurant and it is damn full! After the lunch, I went to Neoh’s house and Wei Jie’s house.

Second day of CNY. Visit Wei Chong’s and Engchi’s house.

Third day of CNY. Had lunch with my friends at a restaurant. After that we went to Choon Hoong’s house.

Nothing special happen today.

Went to clubbing @ Ipoh with my friends at night. First, we went to Y2K, but that place it damn empty! WTH is wrong with that place! Because of that, we decided to switch place. But we did drink some beer there. (And I’m really bad at it) The next place that we go is Rum Jungle. It is totally opposite of Y2K! That place is full of people and we had a hard time getting in since the place it full. Luckily, we manage to ‘sneak’ in and get ourselves a place to sit (which is a place with sofa!) I had a great time there!

Nothing special happen today.

Bought a new handphone since my old one is broken.

Went back to Cyber.

I had a great CNY this year. And I think this will be last year that I’ll be celebrating it that long with my friend since I’m going to work soon. But I hope that I can have a same or better CNY next year!

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