Web-based Sound Recorder

As you know, I’m currently working on my FYP. One of the part that I’m responsible for is to develop a web based sound/voice recorder. This is definitely something new to me!

At first, I think of using C# with .Net for the recorder, but it seems that it is not possible to do it for a web-based application. So, after some searching, I found that Java is more suitable to develop this program. One of the main reason is Java code can run as an applet in a browser and secondly, there is a Sound API for sound-related development. There are plenty of resources for this API!

I started coding the program yesterday (since my group is not available, and I can’t discuss the design of the database) I found a few website that are quite useful to me. The article/lesson/tutorial by Richard G Baldwin is very useful and helped me a lot! The link to the article is available at the end of this post. JSResources is also a good place if you’re looking for some references or sample code that related to Java Sound API. This is where I learnt about the security that related to sound recording applet.

The following links might be useful if you are developing an application based on Java Sound API:
Java Sound, An Introduction
Java Sound, Getting Started, Part 2, Capture Using Specified Mixer
Java Sound Resources
Applet Signing Using Test Certificate

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