Ok, I must admit that I’m still a n00b in shaving. So, I’ve been reading some article related to shaving in the past few months. I usually found it at digg.

One of the way of shaving that I haven’t try is apply warm water to your face before shaving. Since I’m living in Malaysia, washing my face with warm water is very uncommon. (since the climate is hot here and we don’t usually have hot water tap)

Before this, I usually use shaving cream to shave to get smoother shave. But since I found this new method, I decided to give it a try. I’m quite surprised with the result! It is much easier to shave using warm water than cold water. And this is without using the shaving cream. I guess this is a much more conventional way to do a clean shave without using shaving cream (or you don’t have shaving cream with you)

Maybe you can give it a try too! (If you haven’t try it yet)

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