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More Work!

Finally… a weekend where I can spend some time for doing house chore and enjoying life. But my boss call me just now and ask me whether I can come to the office and work now. ._. What the hell! I’ve been working continuosly for the past 27+ days! All my friends also said why I work so hard… even my housemate said that they rarely see me… >_> You can refer to my previous post for my previous rant.

I ain’t going to office now. Coz two of my team members are not going to office, why should I?


I’m REALLY busy recently. Been working non-stop for the past 3 weeks (aka 21 days!) and i’m going to work on this weekend, AGAIN. And I’ve been working over time for at least 4hours a day, for a week! I dont know when I’ll breakdown… too much work and too much pressure. I hate my current project coz it is totally f*cked up. And this is my first project…

Hopefully this project will finish soon… dont think I can last any longer… need to take a break…