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Rosario + Vampire – 13

Rosario + Vampire just ended, and I’m kinda disappointed with this series. The reason is because the manga version is way better than the anime. The manga focus more on the fight while the anime focus on fan service, which is not much in the manga. Because of the fan service, it makes the characters in the anime look dumb. And Tsukune is damn useless in the anime. In the manga, at least he can fight at the end. Anyway, there will be second season of R+V. I hope that it will better than the first season.

Magic Combination… Black Sealing Spell… DESU! (Kinda dumb if you ask me)

Rosario + Vampire – 03

Yet another fan service episode! (I wonder if I can stop using this to describe every episode xD) Anyway, in this episode, we get to know another female character which is Yukari. Yukari is a witch, which is actually a cross breed between monster and human. Because of that, most student in the school hate her. Of course, the human world also hates witches. And also, she also love to say “desu” and she is 11 years old! (Which lead to the following scene)

Lolicon + Desu = Win

Kurumu’s papaya…

Multiple-panties shot

Nice view!

^ My expression after watching all the fan service in this episode