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Random: KimiKiss, Dragonaut, School Days

I have been really lazy lately. So, not much post here. :/ Another reason is because there is not much funny/interesting scene that I can comment on. Anyways, I compiled a few screenies that I forgot to post.

More dragoboobs!

School Days Valentine’s Special… tentacle… ^_^”


Kazuki’s sister is damn cute!

Dragonaut –The Resonance – 08

It’s has been a while since the last time I post something about anime! (And I also didn’t post anything for October)

Today I’m going to post my thoughts on Dragonaut episode 8. :D

So, Kazuki is being emo because of Jin ‘stole’ his Gio. Even though he lost his Dragon, he still get a replacement (temporary?) which is hot-mature-widow Dragon lady.

I have the same opinion as this subber!

Because of that (emo), he decided to change his hair style.


I must say that his current hair style sucks. Even the loli agrees with me. :D


It seems that next episode reveal some of the secret between Garnet and Raina.