I added a Nuffnang ads in my blog recently. It is over there -> (on the right la) So, if you see any survey or poll, please participate! It will help Nuffnang understand my visitor a bit more (so that they can provide more relevant kong kou la…) Thanks! :w

Site updated

I updated the links. Now you can visit my new photo gallery! All photos are in low quality format (800*600) and not suitable for printing. PS: Looking for a new theme for this blog 😉


I just moved to a new server :p Now with 3gb of space 😀 and my own domain too xD easier to memorize, aka my personal network. very fast response from ipserverone. 😉 i just order it this morning and it is up and running now. great service.

Site is back!

Finally! My site is back! Even though not fully…I still cant access my main site 🙁 This account has been suspended. Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources. This is what I get D: Guess that I’ll need to move to a better host next year…

Site Problem & Trip

I went to Gua Temperung yesterday. The place is quite nice. I go there with my friends. We take the most challenging package (RM22) which last about 4 hours. During the first hour, we just walk around the cave with the tour guide explaining all the stuff. After that, things really getting “challenging”. No more … Read more

Google Adsense

I bet some of you will notice that I placed an ad at the side bar. 😀 I hope you guys can help me to click it so that I can keep the site running! 😀 (Actually I’m placing it all over my site xD)