Japanese Curry and Calpis Water

Curry and riceFew weeks ago I cooked some Japanese curry for lunch. Preparing it is kinda mafan coz I need to peel the potato and carrot! Other than that, it is quite easy to cook. The most important ingredient is the curry roux. Basically, what you need to do is put all ingredients into the pot and boil it!

Japanese CurryThis is the curry. A vegetarian curry. Lol. Can’t find any suitable meat for it, so I didn’t put any in it. But it still taste quite good! I feel that the curry is actually a fail product coz it is not very ‘thick’. Maybe because I put too much water in it.

Premium CalpisThe Calpis water. I never try this drink before and I heard that it is quite popular in Japan. This thing is not cheap! ^_^;  The taste of Calpis is like Yakult. Not very special if you ask me. And you can probably buy 10 bottles of Yakult with that price… hahaha.

Overall, I’m very satisfy with my meal. ^_^  Not sure if I’m going to cook the curry again…but I still have half box of curry roux left. ^_^;

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