Seiko 5

Seiko 5 on my hand

I lost my last watch few years ago and I havent wear any watches since then. But now I find it a bit inconvenient coz the only way that I can check the time is by using my handphone. If I’m riding my bike, I cant check the time! Since I’m working now, I can afford my own watch! 😀 I decided to get myself a ‘dress watch’ coz it suite formal attire aka work. After juggling between Casio and Seiko, I finally decided to get a Seiko! The reason why I choose a Seiko watch is because it is a automatic-mechanical watch, which valued more for their workmanship and aesthetic appeal, or simple because it is cool! :p

But automatic watch got few downside la… first, you need to wear it daily to keep the watch moving coz automatic watch is not operated by battery but by your hand movement. Second, automatic watch need extra care if compared to quartz watch coz it got more moving parts. And it is less accurate than quartz watch too. But ppl usually buy a mechanical is becoz of it craftsmanship and for collection purpose.  For now, I’ll be using this watch, but in the future I might get a quartz watch coz it is more suitable for daily use.

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