Chinese Foreigner

China Flag

Today I went to the bank to do something and I met a chinese foreigner there. From the look, I think he is a MMU/LKW student. I was taking my number and he came to me and ask me whether I can speak Mandarin or not. But he asked it in But, I dont understand what he is asking! The term he uses is too ‘technical’ for me! Since I dunno what he talking about, I just guess la. Maybe he want to open an account or something. And he said he want to fill up some form. So I said I’m not that sure, maybe you can ask the bank staff and see. Then he ask me whether the staff know mandarin or not. (!!!) The problem is, all the staff there are Malays. I doubt that they know Mandarin. So, I dont have choice and help him ask the staff la. I told the staff that he wants to open an account (my assumption la) But he said  ‘nonono’. o_o Then he said he wan to withdraw money (something like that). At that time, I’m really confused and I dont really know what to tell the staff. Luckily the staff kinda know what he was talking about and she ask him is it that he wants to do remittance/Western Union thing. Finally, he said ‘yes’! Glad that the staff understand what he is trying to ask! But I kinda paiseh coz I didnt manage to help him in the end. ^_^;;

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