Chased by Dogs

Black lab

Man… I can’t believe that I just got chased by some dogs while jogging. I was jogging at my neighborhood like I normally do. And it was the last street before I reach my home. All of a sudden, a black dog barked at me! This is quite normal here and the dogs usually won’t chase after me. But suddenly, the black huge dog runs toward me! OMG! Not only that, few more dogs (2-3, i think) came and followed the black dog and chased me! Of course by that time I already running for my life and shouted “AAAHHHHHH!!!!” Argh… damn embarrassing! And got one aunty saw me chased by the dogs and shouting! Well, if got 3-4 dogs chasing you, I’m sure you will run and shout too. ^_^;; Luckily the dog stopped chasing after a short while. I thought that I’m a goner.. dont know whether I should jog tomorrow or not. >_<

2 thoughts on “Chased by Dogs”

  1. i canot imagine u shouting n running at sametime with ur facial reaction le… time bring pepper spray, wen they want to attack you, u aim their kuku jiau n spray..haha..


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