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So, my friend, Ah Seong wrote a post about his pass time activity (I’m sure he has other pass time ‘activity’ :w) Well, I have my own ‘activity’ as well, which is my Nintendo DS Lite! Of coz my DS is better than a PSP. :p

Nintendo DS Lite Crimson Black

My DS is the Crimson Black, which is kinda special coz this is one of the few DS that have 2 colors tone. Now, let me explain the awesomeness of the DS.


Dual Screen

It has two screens! The screen below is a touch screen, so it works similar to a PDA. Most of the games for the DS will use the touch screen in some way. One of the game that use the screen exceptionally well is Zelda.


Homebrew program

Another great feature is that the DS can run ‘homebrew’ program. Homebrew program is a program that created by hobbyist and not supported by Nintendo. Some of the apps are pretty useful and fun. The app that I’m using above is similar to Paint, which allow you to use the touch screen to draw. Pretty neat. 😉


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Of course, the library of games for the DS is HUGE. There are tons of quality game out there for the DS. One of the recent games that I’m playing is Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. This game is damn awesome! Story and gameplay are very good.

Texas Hold'EmI wonder when my friend will get a DS and play Texas Hold ‘Em with me, wirelessly. 😛

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