Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-15

  • Yee mee soup for dinner… smells nice! #
  • Finally, iPhone is coming to Malaysia! But the plans are damn expensive. ._. #
  • Just back from work. Cooking Yee Mee for dinner again. \o/ #
  • OMG… the company that I’m going for interview tmr just filed for bankruptcy this month! o_o #
  • Argh…. no one picking up the phone at the company that I’m going for interview! #
  • Just got the mobile no. of the contact person. But still no one picking up the phone. >_> #
  • They just called me and said that they will reschedule the interview with me later. #
  • Double chicken burger for dinner, Ramly style! #
  • Just took a few photos of the moon. Hope the pic will turn out alright. ^_^;; #
  • Rain in the morning… probably cant go out today :/ #
  • OMG… my housemate ask me to fetch to airport later. But I haven’t drive a car for a long time already! #
  • The Star is linking to a site that contains adult material… #
  • The moon photo that I took ytd nite Going to take another one tonite. Hopefully no rain. #
  • Holy sh*t. I cant believe that I actually drive all the way from airport to my house, alone! O_O #

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