Chinese New Year 2009

Eve of CNY

Went to Ipoh for reunion dinner at Tuck Kee. The food was ok lar, but very rush coz the food coming out non-stop. -_-

1st Day of CNY

Stayed at home in the morning coz relatives are coming to visit. Went to Neoh’s house in the afternoon.

2nd Day of CNY

Went to relative’s house. I didnt go to Wei Chong’s house coz no transport. ;_; (But not many guys going anyways :p) Have reunion dinner with relatives at Kam Ling. And again, foods are coming out at light speed. -_-

3rd Day of CNY

Reunion dinner (again) with friends. Get to talk with some friends that I havent chatted with in a long time. The food was ok ok… after the dinner, we all went to Ah Seong’s house and I stayed there till 1am. ^_^;;

4th Day of CNY

Went out yamcha with friends at night. Chat a lot…

5th Day of CNY

Went to Penang with family for praying… actually not much praying, more for fun. xD Went to Engchi’s house at night and gamble till 1.30am.. lol.

I guess that’s it for this year’s CNY. Didnt go out much this year coz lack of transportation. ^^;; And I didnt take much photo this time. Hopefully I’ll get more photos next year!

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