Strike Witches – 01

Invisible v*****
Invisible v*****?

Strike Witches is another new series by Gonzo. It is same as Blassreiter, which is viewable online. But it is only available for limited time only. So far, I haven’t manage to watch it online as I always missed it.

Anyway… my comment of this series is that they overuse the fanservice! I’m really expecting some good story telling with less ecchiness. Unfortunately, this is not what it seems to be. From the start of the series, all the female characters don’t wear any pants/skirts! I seriously don’t know why they do that. And if you can see from the screen cap above, the whole thing is almost shown! (So it is safe is the is no visible ‘line’ of the vag***?)

This series have so much potential for a more serious theme… but they decided to butched it up with fanservice. What a huge let down for me. 🙁

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