Very Unlucky Day!

My flat tire -_-

Today is definitely not my lucky day. I can’t believe that my bike’s tire punctured for TWO times in one day! WTF!

The story is like this: like usual, after I finish working, I ride my bike back home. But during half way, I notice that my bike is shaking badly. I knew that my tire is puncture. This is from my past experience, which is the same case that happens few months back. Since my work place is quite near to a petrol station, so I decided to go there and try my luck with the air pump there. Unfortunately, it is exactly the same as last time where I can’t pump in the air! So, I have no choice but to call my roommate to come here to help me. (Thanks to PeowYong!) This is not where the bad news ends… my roommate and I don’t have any spanner that can unscrew (?) the tire. I asked everyone at the petrol station, but no luck… On the side note, I also like to thanks my roommate’s friend for helping me out by finding tools for us. (Even though we can’t use the tool she found)

After almost half an hour, I decided to give up and push my bike back to my home. But suddenly, someone from the petrol station said that he has the tool! I’m damn happy that time! So, he went back to his home to take the tools. At first, I thought that he’ll only lend us the spanner. But instead lending us a spanner, he changed the whole tube! After changing the tube, then he notices that one of the components (a rubber thing) from the wheel is missing. We searched everywhere, but still can’t find it. I decided to give up since it might not that important (at that time).

This is where the worse part of the story comes. I happily riding my bike back home, and then my bike suddenly shake violently! (Maybe I’m exaggerate a bit here) So, I take a look at the rear tire and I notice that it is punctured, AGAIN!!! This is total WHAT THE F*RK!!!! I changed the damn tube just less than 30 minutes ago!!! And the whole journey is like 2-3km from the petrol station (and I’m not going anywhere!)

How bad can my day be? D’:<

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