Friends @ Cyber/Putrajaya

It is a very special day today, because my hometown friends (Wei Chong, Joe, Pui Yee and Jackie) actually came to Cyerjaya. They’ve been promising me that they’ll come to Cyber one day, but it is long time ago.

Anyways,  I went to Alamanda to have dinner with my friends. We ate Ayamas and it is quite delicious! After finish eating our dinner, we walk around Alamanda and do some shopping. I didn’t buy much, just some necessities. One of my friend suggest that we go to the bridge near the ministries buildings. I think it is better to watch the bridge from far away than going near it since it is huge and you can’t see anything if you near it.

After that, we went back to Cyberjaya. I really have a nice evening today and I really like to thanks my friend for coming to Cyberjaya to visit me!

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