A Short Holiday

I went back to my hometown last Friday. Actually, I was planning to go back on Thursday, but the Final Year Project report kept me from returning on that day. :/ So, it took me about 5 hours to go back to my hometown.

Nothing much happen on Friday. I SMS-ed my friend on Friday, but he told me to come out for a drink that night. Since I’m quite tire that day, I told him that I can’t come. I sleep quite early that day too, I sleep at 9pm! I wonder if I’m really that tire…

Saturday is just same as usual. I didn’t go out anywhere during morning. Called my friends to come out that night. Have a nice chat at Ghany’s Corner.

On Sunday afternoon, I have a hair cut with my mother at one of those aunty-type ‘saloon’. Quite like the hair cut, since it is quite short. (which is something I like)

This morning, I had a breakfast with my friends at 168. After that, they went back to high school. Since I need to pack up, I didn’t follow them. I when back, and pack all the stuff before I go back to Cyberjaya.

This is just a very short holiday. Nothing much happened, but it is quite rare for me to meet up with my friends. And also, my sis also recommended a new JDrama to me, which is Nodame. This Jdrama is based on a manga. I downloaded the manga and find it quite interesting. If you love comedy drama, this might suit you. 🙂

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