I’ve been gaining some weight lately. Which is something bad, since my waist size increased by 1 inch! Some of my pants become quite tight for me to wear. So, I decided to cycle to burn some extra fat. Luckily, my house got a bicycle. But the front tyre dont have enough air. I need to go nearest petrol station to pump some air. The petrol station is quite far from my apartment, about 2km+. I decided to cycle to the tire is not complete flat.

When I first started to cycle, I feel normal. But after 5 minutes, I begin to feel tire. I suspect that it is because of the tire, which make me cycle more hard. I dont want to turn either, since it is not that far. I’m determined to cycle to the station.

After some cycling and walking, I finally manage to reach the petrol station it took me about half hour to reach there. I’m damn thirsty and tire that time. After finish filling the tyre with air, I started cycling back to my apartment.

I can’t believe that, even after filling the tyre with air, it is still god damn hard to cycle! It is the same as before I pump there the air! Is it because I haven’t cycle/exercise for a long time? I hope it isnt because of that. ^^;

It took me another half hour to cycle back. The whole cycling thing is quite tiring. After I arrive at home, I can’t sit, but to lie down on the floor. I fall asleep after a while.

I think I better do more exercise. If not, my body will become ‘rusty’. ^^;

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