Wrong Number

This is the most rude wrong number call I ever receive. Last week, I went back to my hometown for a short holiday. So, during the 2nd day of my holiday, suddenly someone call me. The number is not someone from my phonebook. So, i answered the call. Then he asked me whether Mr.xxx is there. The caller is a kid. I think should be in primary school or something. Since I dont know that person, I told him that he dialed the wrong number and end the call. I’m not sure whether he said anything after that, but I think not necessary since we usually end the call after we know that we dialled the wrong number. But this idiot farker call again! This time my mother that pick the phone. Then my mother said to me that the guy said ‘Go to Hell’. I’m shocked. My mother still havent end the call and she passed me the phone. I answered the call and that farking kid said ‘Go to Hell’ again! WHAT THE FARK IS WRONG WITH THIS KID!!!! I mean, you dialled the wrong number, and you called again and said “GTH”. Damn rude. I hope that his parent should teach him more. This case kinda remind me bout “Uncle Bus” from Hong Kong. You can read it all here. Or the YouTube video here

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