Farking-Stupid Housemate

I have a housemate which has a very weak memory. Not only that, she is also very annoying. D:

Weak memory? Yes, very WEAK memory. I think should be last week, when I found out that there is a semi-cooked beehon at the kitchen. The beehon is cooked, but there is no soup or anything. The seasoning is just beside the bowl. Since i don’t know wth is that, i msged all my housemate and reminded them that one of them haven’t eat the beehon. Hours passed and the beehon still there. >_> Then, this housemate replied my msg that the beehon belong to her. I was about to ask her, how the fark can she forget bout something that she was cooking! I mean, you cook because you are hungry right? But then, you actually forgot that you cooking something! Don’t your stomach remind you that you havent eat your beehon yet? After that, she promised me that she’ll clear the things up, which I’m glad to hear about. And the next day, when i want to prepare my breakfast, I still can see the damn thing there! Gosh…if you dont want to eat, throw it away or something! Dont put it there! Besides this ‘beehon incident’ she also alway forget that she didn’t collect her clothes after washing. How come she can forget about it (again!) For god’s sake, write a reminder or something if you know that you always forget things. And also, please dont god damn bring our cooking utensils to your bf’s house! I don’t mind if you bring it back after use, but you god damn farking never bring it back! Because of that, we cant cooking the rice properly! (Yes, she actually bring the RICE COOKER TOO!)
And also, STOP MAKING ALL THE LOU HAN KO AND RED BEAN SOUP (?)!!! THERE IS NO ONE GONNA DRINK IT!!! I can’t believe that she actually boil another lou han ko just after i help her to clean off the lou han ko this morning. IDIOT.

She is most annoying housemate i ever seen. What ever you do, she’ll ask. For example, when me and my roomate cook, she’ll ask “Cooking ar? Never tell me one…” GOD. We never tell you coz we know that you are ANNOYING!!! Stop asking us any question!!! Mind your own business!!!

I’m really glad that I won’t be staying with her next academic year. I wish her new housemate ‘good luck’ for staying with her.

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