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.hack//Legend of The Twilight Bracelet

The story revolves around a network game called “The World”. It takes place four years after the “Twilight” incident (from the PS2 game), which not only shook the game world, but also the real world.

CyberConnect Corporation (CC Corporation), the creator and operator of The World, held a “Limited Edition Character” campaign for The World players and participants. The prize of the campaign is the Limited Edition Character itself: the legendary “Kite” and “Black Rose” from the “.hackers” data that was prohibited since the Twilight incident.

A pair of twin brother and sister in 2nd year junior high, Shuugo (the elder brother), and Rena (the younger sister), successfully obtained the Legendary Characters from the campaign. Shuugo who wanted to quit playing the network game, once again had to set foot into The World under his sister invitation.

In the game world, Shuugo and Rena met other players, Mileyu and Houka and they quickly became close friends after several events and encounters. However, the seemingly peaceful game world began to meet with many weird changes resembled to the incident four years ago. But this time, Shuugo, Rina and their new friends are involved in it…

I finish watching the whole .hack//Legend of The Twilight Bracelet last week. ^_^ The story is actually a lot ‘lighter’ than the original .hack//SIGN. Not that much mystery that you don’t know what it is all about. The opening song, “New World” by Round Table (chobits OP) featuring Nino is awesome! I’m addicted to that song already. xD I must say that this is not the typical anime that Bee Train produce. (Avenger, MADLAX) Most of the characters are extremely cute! (due to the ‘chibi’ version) The story is pretty much ok, not so hard to understand. (if compared to hack sign)
My rating for this anime: 8.5/10

I enjoyed it very much, and definitely recommended.

*PS: There will be a new .hack this April, .hack//ROOTS. The manga (GU) is quite interesting, but the anime is a prequel to the manga/game if I’m not mistaken. Looking forward to it. 🙂

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