I’m browsing web at the computer at around 3.30pm. Suddenly, a phone call came. I thought it is the cater dude that call. But I’m wrong. A woman from .Net Technopreneur called! I’m bit suprised, since I never thought that they’ll call me so early. I only apply for the internship last week or so. Now, they want to do an interview (kinda) with me! OMG! I’m not prepared that time. Pretty much freaked out. Since it is over the phone, it is not that clear. When she said are you free now, I was like “WHAT?!?!”. Even though the place is near my college, but still, till early for me. But since I don’t have any choice, and she said that it’s going to be fast, so I ask her where will be held. Then she said it is just a phone interview *phew*

She asked a lots of questions that I don’t know how to answer. :sweat: First, she ask me whether I know anything about .Net. Well, absolutely not! We never get expose to .Net in my college! And then she ask me anything about the past project that I’m involve in. “Huh?” I really don’t have any past experience with any project. And then she told me the MRCS’s Visit to Disabled Home. xD

The call lasted for more than 5 minutes with many questions. ^_^;; And then she told me that company will take me as intern. ^^;; wth…im quite suprised, since the way I answer her question is not that good. Don’t know whether I should be glad or not…

*ps: my longest post? xD

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